eDigitalEarth was founded on July 20, 2016 by Sajwal Pageni (View on Twitter) aimed to teach blogging to newbies. eDigitalEarth provides you free blogging resource for anyone who want to start their blogging career. We also provide free wordpress setup for newbies to head start their career. We are dedicated to teach Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, Entrepreneurship and many more. We are dedicated to provide quality tips for people like you who want to start their blogging career. We are the community of bloggers and accept new bloggers to contribute in our blog. Visit this page to get blogging guidelines for our site (We accept only very serious bloggers in our community)


Officials and Contributors in eDigitalEarth

Sajwal Pageni is the Founder and CEO of eDigitalEarth. He is a full time blogger blogging about Affiliate Marketing, Blogging tutorials, WP Guide, Lead Generation and others. He is one of the top blogger in eDigitalEarth to teach, learn and Inspire. He is commited towards blogging and is writing tips to improve your blog,


Samartha Tiwari is a columnist and senior editor at eDigitalEarth, where he covers Digital Marketing, WordPress, Business, SEO and much more. Samartha was also a long-time contributing correspondent for Forbes and conducted research in microbiology at the University of Kathmandu. He lives in Pokhara, Nepal.