Why and How to Change WordPress Username (With Pictures)

WordPress is the world’s largest CMS system supporting almost 27% of total websites in web. Many sites worth millions believe in for WordPress their site. But since it is the world’s largest CMS systems many bots and hackers will be trying to get into your website and are also trying to inject viruses in your website to make your website down from the market.

Even when you’re reading this article now someone might be trying to enter into your site by guessing your password. Are you tensed up? I know you are. Who wont get tensed up when he/she is told that their site is going to be hacked. But don’t worry today I am going to teach you one of the reliable method to prevent these hackers. That is to change username of yours. But how are you going to do it, according to the Profile panel it says you cannot change wordpress username. You needn’t worry I’ll teach you how to change WordPress username.


Change Username


Today we’re going to use Admin Renamer Extended to change the username of your profile. This is one of the best plugin that I use and recommend every one to use. This plugin can change yours and other users username as much as you want to. This plugin has the user friendly interface that every one can easily get into. Though it has very familiar user friendly interface, I will teach you how to change you username (with pictures). Before we begin do make sure that you have installed Admin Renamer Extended which is the main plugin we’ll use to change WordPress username. You can find it at wordpress.org or go to link above.

download change WordPress username




Be sure that your plugin is the original one. There are many plugins of similar name. Download this plugin from above mentioned link for the original one. If you downloaded this from some other links then be sure to check the following thing:

  • Plugin Name: Admin Renamer Extended
  • Plugin Author: Ramon Fincken
  • Version: 3.2
  • Last Updated: 2 years ago (Don’t worry it is still well functioning)

(Check the image above for more info.)


Usually many plugins are found under settings or in open menu but this plugin is slightly different. I found many of my past readers were confused in finding this plugin’s control panel. You can find the uption menu for this plugin at Plugins>Admin Renamer Extended. You can easily find this under the plugin editor section.


This is the control panel of this plugin. I think you have already understood the functionality of this control panel by the diagram below. Let me explain this to you! Have you seen the red circle there? That’s my current username and the box below is the place where I should enter my new username. There is the warning dialogue which only appears while changing the username of the main administrator of the site.

(Note: You might need to login again with your new username but you don’t need to worryjust input your new username and password and you’ll again be logged in)

After you’re done you can delete or keep this plugin according to your wish but I do recommend to delete because this plugin has not been updated since two years and viruses and brute forces may attack into your site through this plugin. At last I have to say that this is the plugin that I consider as the best and secure username changer in plugins directory. If you have any other suggestions regarding the plugins to change username please comment or contact us.


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