How to Earn $100 Each Week With Best Facebook Earning Tips

Hello there whats-sup, I know you are thinking uniquely to earn money online so you searched for the methods of earning money online by Facebook. It is very good of you to change the social media which usually ruins your money by data charges to the money earning platform. But what do you think, Is it possible to earn money by Facebook? Any guesses? Yes, it is possible to earn money on the Facebook. Can you believe that social media like Facebook can give you livelihood? Today you’ll learn “Best Facebook Earning Tips”. But there are some requirements to earn money by Facebook.

1. Requirements:

i. Facebook Account:

Since this is the method of earning money by Facebook it is compulsory to have a Facebook account but there are some needs that must be in your Facebook account. To earn $100 per week from Facebook your account must have minimum 1000 friends (+2000 friends recommended) from countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. You can use email list generator to gain friend requests.

ii. Affiliate Accounts:

You should have affiliate account of different websites like Amazon, E bay, Click Bank etc. You must know one thing that all our transactions and payments will be done from these affiliate accounts so be sure to give your correct information.

iii. Payment Methods:

To receive the payments for your service you must have a payment receive method. You should have payment method like Paypal, Payza,, Webmoney etc. All the payments are transferred to your these accounts and later to your bank account. In payment methods also you must give your true information to payment sites.

how to earn money from facebook

Now after fulfilling this now you are ready to learn “Best Facebook Earning Tips”.

Now first of all create a Facebook page of your own and give it a name you desire. Do not steal the name of famous celebrities or companies there can be the issue of copyrights. Then in next step go to your affiliate account complete your payment info and personal info. After you are done chose the product you want to sell from desired affiliate store you chose.

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You will gain 10%-60% profit on the every product you sell so target for the high price goods so your commission is also high. I think you are thinking what is the use of Facebook here, aren’t you? You are thinking wrong, Facebook plays major role in this livelihood gaining process. What you need is to do is the share the unique link provided by affiliate company to you with your friends in Facebook profile and Facebook page and you’ll gain commission on every good you sell. If your sells goes viral you can easily earn $100 or more/week easily.



I believe this method as the best method to earn money online and I am also working on it. If you think that their is another efficient method of earning money online by Facebook then give heading “How to make money by Facebook” and send it to us from the contact form below. We’ll give all the author credits to you and some payments if the post is great. If there is anything I can improve please suggest me by commenting on this post. At last let your friends also to learn “How to earn money from Facebook” by sharing this posts in social networks.


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