7 Proven Ways to Increase Email Subscribers by 100%

Nowadays email list are very much important. Many popular and will be popular sites are collecting emails to build email list. But what is email list? Email list is the list of emails of the users who have given you permission to send them email of resources. Now you might be thinking about why shall you build an email list, you can simply buy it but you’re wrong. Read this article from Optin Monster to know why you should not buy an email list. Since you should not buy an email list you should build it. Many of the bloggers are already starting to build an email list. One problem that blows all of their heads is that they cannot increase email subscribers in their list.

Today in this article I have 7 methods that’ll increase your email subscribers by 100% with the same amount of traffic you currently have. You’ll learn how to increase email subscribers easily in this article.

These are the method that many popular blogs use to increase their email subscribers. Here are the methods to increase email subscribers of your blog.

#1. Offer Free eBook

Everyone loves freebies. Offering an ebook is very common and productive method. You can create an ebook in some interesting topic such as, “101 Ways to Make your First Affiliate Sale”, “51 Ways to Think About New Content” etc. Ask email of the user and use email tools like Aweber or GetResponse to send the link to download your ebook automatically after the user confirm the subscription. This will provide resource to your readers and active email to you. See the figure below used in Optin Monster where they provide this eBook for an email.

increase email subscribers

#2. Use Optin-Popups

Popups can increase your email subscription rate higher than any other methods. Popup doesn’t means opening a email form in new tab. A dynamic email sign up form as in previous figure will appear in the same tab. Users can even remove them if they don’t want to sign up for you newsletter. Since some users find popups as annoying you should trigger the popup only after the few time of their arrival. This means you should allocate some times for readers to read your content before providing you their info. See the popup used in WPBeginner to collect email subscribers.

increase email subscribers

#3. Provide Discounts for Subscribers.

Through this method you’ll do two hunts with single arrow. First thing according to our goal you can increase email subscribers, and second thing you can increase you sales. If you sell something online then you can create special deals like, “Get 10% off Coupon by Signing Up to Our Newsletter”. If you don’t wanna provide discount on first sale you can also create popups saying, “Sign Up to Get 10% off Your Next Purchase.” Through this method you can increase email subscribers. And those who got 10% off discount are more likely to purchase your goods rather than others. So, it’ll increase your sales also. This is a great way to grow your email list.

#4. Provide Free Services.

In previous method you could increase your sales and subscribers. Now in this method, you can increase your affiliate sales and email subscribers. Provide services like “Free WordPress Setup”. According to this example you’ll setup a blog for free if anyone buys web hosting for free, they shall provide you their name, email and proof that they have bought web hosting from your referral link. Doing this will increase email subscribers as well as affiliate income.

#5. Make Sign Up Form as Fixed Header

Have you noticed or not? There is email sign up for at header of most of the sites. Many sites add small fixed header requesting the users to sign up to your email list. This takes very less header space, and this type subscription form create noticeable conversions. Though many companies say that this type of headers are negotiable to users and doesn’t increase their conversions, I recommend my readers to give them a worth. You can use HelloBar to easily create one easily.

sticky header screenshot

#6. Conduct Giveaways

Giveaways are the great way to increase email subscribers. If you conduct a giveaway then you can provide higher entries for the one who have subscribed to your newsletter. Doing this will help the people to get free stuff and you can get thousands of email list by a single list. If you conduct giveaway of highly popular goodies like iPhone 7, you can even get about 100K email subscribers in single give away. I believe 100K+ active email subscribers are worth $958. See the screenshot below in which there is giveaway worth $100 and they already collected 100K+ subscribers.

headphone giveaway screenshot

#7. Conduct a Webinar

Webinars are the live shows where your users can learn many thing for you. If you are running a blog with high monthly visitors then you can surely conduct a webinar teaching related things. For eg. “My Journey From Ah to Aha”, How to get 1000 email list in next 1 weeks” etc. Neil Patel who is founder of many multi million dollar companies use this method to collect email list in his blog. This is a professional way to grow your email subscribers.

neil patel webinar


I know there are more methods than these to increase email subscribers. But I found these methods as productive methods than other. If you know any other effective ways to increas email subscribers then please do let everyone know.

Please suggest me effective ways to grow email list and I’ll surely mention it in this list. I would be glad if you share this article among your friends among your friends using the social buttons below. If you want to join to our mailing list you can use the form at the right side of the screen.

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